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Ohio’s sports betting scene is about to be seriously shaken up. BetMGM recently announced its intention to partner with the New York Racing Association, which is one of the most popular horse race betting organizations in the country. This means a BetMGM horse racing app will be available to Ohio bettors.

With this announcement, BetMGM will collaborate with the organization to create a new horse racing app, likely using much of NYRA Bet’s existing software architecture and functions. But the new app will be underneath the BetMGM corporate umbrella and likely include some BetMGM-specific features and improvements as well.

Since this state already offers online horse race betting and is set to legalize sports betting sometime over the next few months to a year, let’s break down what you can expect from BetMGM horse racing in Ohio.

BetMGM Ohio Horse Racing Bonus Code (4.2/5)

Given BetMGM’s history with excellent promotional bonuses for its main sportsbook app, we also expect that its online horseracing app will incorporate a similar bonus to draw in new users. While we don’t know what form BetMGM’s horse racing bonus will precisely take, we can make a few predictions.

For example, NYRA Bets currently offers a deposit match bonus worth up to $200 of site credit. Deposit $100, for example, and you’ll get another $100 of NYRA Bet site credit added to your account by default. Just use a promotional code to get the offer started.

Naturally, the bonus does come with some strings attached. For example, you have to play through the bonus credit amount at twice the value of that amount. So in the above example, that $100 credit would need to be wagered twice before you could withdraw it as cash.

Whether BetMGM’s horseracing app will keep this opening bonus or decide to do something different remains to be seen. The below score assumes BetMGM’s horse racing bonus code and bonus will stay the same.

Quality of BetMGM’s Horse Racing App In Ohio (4.6/5)

Regardless of how exactly the opening bonus shakes out, you can rest assured that BetMGM’s horse racing app will be high-quality through and through. This is partly because of BetMGM’s experience in creating high-quality mobile platforms. Its primary mobile sportsbook is minimalist and very intuitive to navigate.

We expect the BetMGM horse betting app to be similarly well-designed. It will incorporate a lot of major features you can already find on NYRA Bet’s online platform, including:

  • Live streaming of horse races, as well as picture-in-picture video viewing
  • In-depth horse and rider rankings, along with explanations for those rankings
  • Instantaneous betting
  • An easy to access betting slip you can access from a drop-down menu
  • And more

What’s more is that the mobile app should operate smoothly and without lag, even if there’s a lot of traffic on BetMGM’s servers. We also expect NYRA Bets to provide BetMGM’s horse betting app with one of its most popular features: TrackMaster Selections. These will provide expert-picked “top choices” for different thoroughbred and harness races throughout the US, allowing even new bettors to make educated and potentially profitable decisions as they put their money down.

Availability of BetMGM’s Horse Betting App In Ohio (5/5)

Since online horserace betting is already legal in Ohio, we expect BetMGM’s upcoming horseracing app to be available on similar channels. For example, both iPhone and Android devices will likely have their own dedicated versions of the horse betting app.

But users should also be able to find an online website, likely using some of the interfaces and software architecture NYRA Bets already leverages for its horserace bettors. In all likelihood, BetMGM’s horse betting app will launch quickly and easily.

BetMGM Horse Betting Options (4.6/5)

A good horseracing app will allow bettors to place wagers on a variety of different races, as well as make different wager types. Since NYRA Bets already offers most of the standard wager types, we expect these to also be present in BetMGM’s horse racing app.

You’ll be able to place win bets, show bets, place bets, trifecta bets, superfecta bets, and many more. It all depends on how much information you have and how confident you are in your ability to predict the winners of individual races.

But you’ll also be able to place bets on horse racing tourneys and derbies, including the Kentucky Derby. Since the BetMGM mobile horse betting site will get lots of horserace information from NYRA Bets, expect the odds to be very player-friendly and easy to parse, even if you don’t have a lot of experience with horse race betting.

BetMGM Live Horse Racing And Betting In Ohio (4.8/5)

As mentioned above, BetMGM’s horse betting app should incorporate live betting functionality. BetMGM already offers live sports betting for other sports on its sports wagering apps throughout the US.

BetMGM’s live racing wager system will be quick and intuitive. You’ll be able to watch horse races unfold on screen and place bets before the finishing bell. However, keep in mind that many live bets have odds formulated by algorithms instead of live oddsmakers, as many live developments happen too quickly for human oddsmakers to manage.

BetMGM Ohio Horse Racing App: Overall Score (4.7/5)

All in all, BetMGM’s horse race betting app will be one of the best in Ohio when it eventually launches. Ohio residents already have several quality competitors to choose from, including TVG and Twin Spires. But BetMGM’s upcoming app could be the best of the best, featuring a quality interface, player-friendly odds, and lots of choices in terms of wager types and races.

Ohio Online Horse Race Betting

Online horse race wagering has been legal in Ohio since the year 2000 when the U.S. Senate allowed individual states to determine whether they wanted to extend legal provisions for horse race wagering to the online sphere. Let’s break down some details about the online horse racing scene in Ohio.

Ohio Racetracks

Although it may not have as many extremely famous racetracks as states like California or Kentucky, Ohio does have a number of quality racing locations that make it one of the most fun states to visit for horserace bettors. These include:

  • Jack ThistleDown Racino, a combination of a racetrack and casino. It’s located just outside Cleveland and is home to the Ohio Derby, including the “Best of Ohio” race series. This track’s thoroughbred racing season typically lasts from May to November and all the live races take place on an oval dirt track measuring 1 mile.
  • Belterra Park Gaming & Entertainment Center is one of Ohio’s most famous racetracks and is easily the region’s most well-constructed horseracing facility. It’s located in Cincinnati and has over 90 racing days, plus excellent stakes. It’s the only turf racetrack in Ohio.
  • Northfield Park features live harness racing and is located in Northfield. It’s the only remaining commercial harness track in northern Ohio and provides live racing year-round rather than only during specific months. There are at least 200 race nights every year.
  • Scioto Downs Racino is another combination of a racetrack and casino, and it was the first racetrack in Ohio to add casino-style games to regular horseracing activities. It’s a 5/8 mile track that offers simulcast betting all year round, although live harness racing is only offered from May until September.

Ohio’s Horse Racing History

Gambling was largely illegal in Ohio for much of its history. However, 1933 saw Ohio’s General Assembly form the Ohio Racing Commission, which then authorized and began to oversee pari-mutuel wagers at all of the state’s licensed racetracks.

The industry operated under a few core rules for many decades. Of course, the introduction of online gambling platforms led the Ohio legislature to legalize online wagering in 2000, after a nationwide amendment to the Interstate Horse Racing Act of 1978.

In fact, online horseracing was the first type of online gaming to be legalized in Ohio overall. It has stood the test of time, staying legal even while the debate about sports wagering and online sports betting apps has raged on.

BetMGM Ohio Horse Betting App FAQs

Is it legal to use the BetMGM horse betting app in Ohio?

Not yet. For one, BetMGM’s horseracing app hasn’t yet been completed. For another, BetMGM overall is not legal in Ohio since sports betting isn’t legal yet either.

Is online horse race betting legal overall in Ohio?

Yes. In fact, betting on horse races online has been legal in Ohio since 2000, when the US amended the Interstate Horse Racing Act of 1978. Technically, horse race betting does not count as a form of sports betting like other types of sports wagers.

Where will you be able to download BetMGM’s horse racing app in Ohio?

Ohio’s state government will let you download BetMGM’s horse racing app on both iPhone and Android devices. You’ll just need to be within Ohio state lines when downloading and using the app.

Does BetMGM currently offer sports betting in Ohio?

Not yet. Sports betting overall is not legal in Ohio at this time, so BetMGM doesn’t offer any sports betting activities. However, this operator is likely to be among the first to launch if and when sports betting does become legal.

How old do you need to be to place horseracing bets in Ohio?

Once BetMGM’s horseracing app launches, you’ll need to be 21 years of age or older to place any bets. This is the same minimum legal age you need to be to use other online horseracing apps like TVG.

Will you be able to place live bets on BetMGM’s horse racing app?

Most likely. NYRA Bets currently offers this functionality, and BetMGM’s primary sportsbook app already offers live sports bets for other sporting activities in states where it operates. We would be surprised if this function was not included with its horse racing app.

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