How to Bet a Same Game Parlay in Ohio

Same game parlays, commonly shortened to SGPs, have gone from nearly non-existent sports betting markets to front and center for many online sportsbooks. You can’t open a mobile sports betting app without seeing some variation of SGPs.

Although sports betting in Ohio has yet to launch, there will be no shortage of opportunities to bet on one of the most popular sportsbook features once wagering goes live. Here’s what you should know about betting same game parlays in Ohio.

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What is a Same Game Parlay?

Same game parlays task bettors with wagering on two or more events from, well, the same game. Each of these bets is referred to as a “leg” and all of your bets must win for your parlay to be successful. You’ll also see these referred to as one-game parlays or single-game parlays.

Sportsbooks were reluctant to allow bettors to parlay wagers from the same event because they tend to be correlated, meaning if one thing happens, the other is more likely. For example, let’s say the point total in a Cincinnati Bengals game is 48.5 and you like the Over. If 49 points or more are scored, it’s likely Joe Burrow has a big game and you could also wager the over on his passing yard player prop.

You can combine almost any kind of bet to put together your SGP, including:

  • Point Spread
  • Moneyline
  • Point total
  • Player props
  • Game props

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How to Place a Same Game Parlay

Building an SGP ticket is simple once you know where to find everything. First, find the game you want to bet on. Here, you’ll find all of the available markets. Most sportsbooks will have individual tabs for markets like game lines and player props. Combine two or more qualifying wagers and you’re on your way.

Some sportsbooks, like FanDuel, will place an “SGP” logo next to a market so you know which bets can be included in building your same game parlay. DraftKings has an “Enable Same Game Parlay” toggle at the top of the event page while BetMGM has a tab dedicated to SGP wagers. 

SGPs have become so popular that you’ll likely see pre-built parlays featured on your favorite app’s home screen, especially for local games or standalone games like Monday and Thursday Night Football. If one of those tickles your fancy, you can just let the sportsbook do the work for you.

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Tips for Betting Same Game Parlays

Here are some things to consider when putting together an SGP.

Tell Yourself a Story

As you’re building your SGP, it’s helpful to be able to tell yourself a story or a narrative of how you see the game playing out. If you don’t think there will be many points scored in a Cleveland Cavaliers game, it doesn’t make sense to take the over on points scored for multiple players. If the Cleveland Browns are 6.5-point underdogs but you think they win outright, that could mean a big game from running back Nick Chubb.

Do Your Research

Things like injuries, weather, and recent performance can play key roles in how games unfold. If the Columbus Blue Jackets are playing against a team with a backup goaltender on the last game of a long road trip, that information is very useful.

Knowing each team’s strengths and weaknesses can go a long way to creating successful SGPs.

Don’t Go Overboard

Sure, we all want to hit that massive 10-leg parlay and turn $2 into a huge payday, and those can be entertaining here and there, but I promise you that is not a successful long-term betting strategy.

Remember, each leg of your parlay has to hit for you to be successful. The more legs you add to a parlay, the more opportunities you give yourself to get one wrong and wreck your day.

Take Advantage of Promos

Some sportsbooks will offer ongoing promotions and bonuses throughout the year centered around SGPs. For new bettors, finding a risk-free same game parlay offer or parlay insurance is a good way to get acquainted with SGPs while protecting your bankroll.

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