Sports Betting Odds In Ohio

It won’t be long before Ohio bettors — new or seasoned — are familiarizing themselves with the legal online sportsbook apps that will be hitting the Ohio market. Ohio online sports betting is legal and set to launch on Jan. 1, 2023.

This page will focus on sports betting odds available on mobile apps and at retail locations. Ohio bettors will be able to bet on all the popular North American sports, both professional and collegiate events where available. That means odds are going to be offered for the Cincinnati Bengals and the Ohio State Buckeyes when the market launches.

Where Can I Bet On Sports Online In Ohio?

Sports betting will launch in Ohio on Jan. 1, 2023. Ohio residents will have a number of brands from which to choose, but one of the most important things to remember is bettors don’t have to just pick one sportsbook.

With a number of midwestern states — including Indiana, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Michigan — launching legalized online sports betting, there are several mobile sportsbook apps that have hit the industry. Some of those, such as FanDuel Sportsbook and DraftKings Sportsbook are familiar names. Both have a presence in the Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) and have found the transition into sports gambling to be relatively smooth.

When legal online sports gambling launches in Ohio in 2022 as expected, those books, among others, may find their way within the state’s borders. The following are three mobile sportsbook apps that prospective Ohio bettors should get to know.

DraftKings Sportsbook Ohio

  • Bonus offer: DraftKings offers an introductory promotion high in potential value — a 20% first deposit match up to $1,000. This is in addition to a $50 free bet with $5 deposit. It can be a great way to add to your initial bankroll.
  • Available platforms: DraftKings Sportsbooks is available on both iOS and Android devices.
  • How are the odds? At any sportsbook — mobile or retail — the odds are of the utmost importance. DraftKings offers competitive odds and a deep selection of bets, including player props and same-game parlays.
  • What to expect? DraftKings is on its way to Ohio

      FanDuel Sportsbook Ohio

      • Bonus offer: FanDuel Sportsbook offers new users a $1,000 No Sweat First Bet with our exclusive link.
      • Available platforms: Users of both iOS and Android will be able to find the app in both operators’ respective app stores.
      • How are the odds? FanDuel Sportsbook is earning a reputation as a leader in the market when it comes to setting odds and lines. Prospective sports bettors can be confident that they will have access to sharp odds.

          Caesars Sportsbook Ohio

          • Bonus offer: Caesars Sportsbook offers one of the industry’s most appealing bonus offers for new users. They’re offering a risk-free bet up to $1,500. Claim with the code SHARPBETCZR.
          • Available platforms: Caesars is accessible to both iOS and Android users, and found on each respective platform’s app store.
          • How are the odds? Caesars is one of the big names in the industry and thus will have odds that appeal to a wide span of bettors. Ultimately, most books will offer similar lines, but depending on when and where a bettor looks, additional value can be found on a particular wager.

          Online Sportsbooks

          Online sportsbooks are all but guaranteed, especially since Ohio’s bill allows for up to 25 mobile sports wagering apps. Furthermore, Ohio is no doubt aware that other states with successful sports betting industries allow mobile apps that bring in tons of tax revenue for the state government.

          As Ohio is hurting for new sources of revenue like many other states in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, you can bet that online sportsbooks will come with or even before retail sportsbooks.

          However, it’s not certain whether mobile sportsbooks will need to partner with a casino or racetrack in order to acquire licensure. Ohio only has four retail casinos, so if a partnership is required, they may allow multiple casinos to have several “skins” for sportsbook partnerships.

          One of the appealing elements of the eventual launch of online sportsbooks is the welcome bonuses available to new registrants. These are a wonderful way for those new to betting to get their feet wet without making too much of a financial commitment.

          More books on the way? PointsBet and BetMGM Sporstsbook strong bets to hit Ohio market

          Retail Sportsbooks

          As mentioned, Ohio has both retail casinos and racetracks, as well as “racinos” – combinations of race tracks and casinos that include video lottery terminals.

          Therefore, retail sportsbooks are very likely to crop up as well. These may take a little while to construct, so mobile sportsbooks may launch ahead of their retail counterparts.

          Any retail sportsbooks will have to be at casino or racetrack locations, however. Ohio is unlikely to allow sportsbooks to be constructed in non-gambling areas.

              Ohio Sports Odds Explained Types Of Sports Bets

              Being successful in sports betting, whether you’re looking for financial profits or simply enhanced entertainment, is more than making the right betting picks and betting predictions. It’s also about understanding the different types of wagers. For example, a “futures” bet is different from a straight bet. A futures bet allows a bettor to pick a team to win its division, conference, or league’s title. These are often made prior to the season – that’s when the best gambling odds are typically available. There are a number of different straight bets to consider too.

              • Moneyline: Most simply, a moneyline bet is about picking a team to win or lose. In some cases, a draw is among the options. In moneyline wagers, a team that is favored will have a minus (-) sign associated with its odds, i.e. -110. In this case, a bettor would wager $110 dollars in order to profit $100 in the event of a win. The odds of an underdog will be accompanied by a plus (+) sign. In this case, a bettor would wager $100 for the chance to profit $110. Underdogs are naturally more likely to lose, but there is more profit potential if one can hit on the right underdog.
              • Point Spread: Point spread betting takes moneyline bets a step further. Instead of a bettor making a gamble on a team to win, he or she will bet on a team finishing within or outside of, a set “point spread.” The plus and minus signs indicating an underdog or favorite remain. However, if a team is favored at -3, it must win by four points or more. Conversely, an underdog listed at +3 must lose by two or fewer in order to “cover”.
              • Over/Under (Totals): Betting the Over/Under or total involves deciding whether you think both teams involved will combine to score more or less than a set line. The Over/Under for an NFL game might be 45.5. A bettor siding with the Over wants to see both teams combine for at least 46 points. Someone betting on a low-scoring affair would want to see the two teams combine for no more than 45 points.
              • Parlay Bet: The quintessential high-risk/high-reward experience for bettors, parlay odds lengthen as multiple bets are included on a single ticket. The payout potential is large, but each bet on a ticket must hit for the parlay to win. If even one bet out of 10 misses by one point, the entire bet loses. Naturally, the payout only grows in concert with increased risk. It’s a lot of numbers, but the math-averse can fear not. Mobile sportsbooks come with a parlay calculator to help bettors keep track of the reward they’re chasing.

              Prop Bets

              A proposition, or “prop,” bet is a wager in which a bettor puts money on an occurrence within the game. In a football game, that occurrence may be as simple as a particular player scoring a touchdown. It could be more specific and require a bettor to pick the Over/Under on a wide receiver catching 5.5 passes. The variety these bets offer is one of the reasons they’re so popular among sports gamblers. Big events like the Super Bowl and NBA Finals have the largest menu of prop offerings, but those markets have improved for regular-season contests as well.

              Live In-Game Betting

              Live in-game betting is a feature that sportsbooks are anxious to include on their platforms. The popularity of live in-game betting is growing rapidly among bettors in markets that have launched mobile sports gambling. Odds on a particular contest adjust in real-time as both teams are in action. Ever watch a game in which you remained confident in a side in spite of an early deficit? Live in-game betting would’ve afforded you an opportunity to reap the rewards of odds that would have lengthened since the beginning of the contest. It’s advised that bettors taking advantage of this feature know the terms and conditions associated with this type of bet.

              How Are Sports Betting Odds Calculated In Ohio?

              The calculation of odds in sports betting is a complex process that requires the distillation of numerous quantitative and qualitative factors. Sports betting lines can arrive at a particular number or warrant an adjustment for a variety of reasons. Sportsbooks employ professional oddsmakers who pour through the available data and draw on an expert level of expertise to arrive at a particular number or betting line. From that point, they will adjust the number depending on how much money is coming in on a particular side – and from where that money is coming. A $5,000 bet by Gambling Joe carries far less weight than a $5,000 wager from a “sharp”. Ultimately, the lines are set and adjusted to ensure the house wins in the long run.

              NFL Odds

              The NFL is one of most popular sports leagues in the world, and thus the best place to go for football betting. Its championship game, the “Super Bowl”, is one of the busiest events in sports betting. Super Bowl odds for the upcoming season are released following the conclusion of that current season’s grand finale. One can imagine how much money is wagered after nearly a year of bets. Football odds, including odds on the Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns, are available for all regular season and preseason games though, so those inclined to bet a few dollars don’t have to wait until February.

              NBA Odds

              One of the most visible global leagues, the NBA is the premier basketball league in the world. The NBA Finals have averaged as many as 19.0 million viewers for its championship series. Similar to the Super Bowl, NBA futures odds are released immediately following the conclusion of that season’s event. Cleveland Cavaliers fans, never fear, NBA betting picks can be made all season. Preseason games generally start in October for those itching for their NBA fix. And with 82 regular-season games, there are plenty of opportunities for NBA fans to enjoy a little extra skin in the game throughout the season. The NBA All-Star Game is one of the league’s flagship events. Bettors are often treated to a larger variety of prop bets for this mid-February showcase. 

              MLB Odds

              Major League Baseball maintains a strong presence on the summer sports calendar, and delivers a compelling and entertaining product as they encroach on their “fall classic”. World Series odds are released as early as late October, but MLB betting lines are available for games throughout the spring and summer. Once considered “America’s Pastime”, Major League Baseball may have fallen behind other sports in recent years and decades, but with 162 regular-season games, and a recently expanded playoff field, there is plenty of inventory, so-to-speak, for sportsbooks to offer. MLB betting lines are particularly popular in terms of total runs and moneyline. Odds are available for Ohio MLB teams including the Cincinnati Reds and the Cleveland Guardians.

              Hockey Odds

              The NHL is the world’s premier hockey league. The Stanley Cup is widely considered sports’ greatest trophy, and Stanley Cup odds are released in June. NHL betting lines in general, however, are built largely around what is referred to as a “puck line”. The puck line is a standard -1.5/+1.5, and the bettor treats that as a traditional point spread. Hockey fans will enjoy a menu of bets that includes unique options. One example of a unique hockey bet is the “grand salami” in which a bettor will bet on the Over/Under the total goals scored across the entire night of hockey games.

              College hockey is also big in Ohio, with several top programs. Both Bowling Green and Miami University have produced great players and great teams. But as with most college sports in the Buckeye State, Ohio State reigns supreme in hockey. Both the men’s team and women’s team are perennial Frozen Four contenders.

              College Football Betting

              College football has extremely passionate fans in every corner of the country, so it is no surprise that it’s among the most popular sports on which gamblers wager. NCAAF odds and college football lines often include massive point spreads and inflated totals as the quality of two teams can vary significantly. Additionally, the rules in college lend to a game that can break wide open more frequently than what one would typically see from the NFL on Sundays. As large of a following as the Browns and Bengals draw from Ohioans, the Ohio State Buckeyes can make quite a case as the most popular football team in the state. The University of Cincinnati Bearcats are up there as well. Bettors in Ohio will be thrilled to know that the law will allow wagers to be placed on college sports.

              College Basketball Lines

              One of the most popular and exciting events in all sports is the NCAA Tournament (March Madness). Like college football, NCAA basketball lines can be heavily skewed towards favorites as the talent disparity can be quite large, particularly in preseason contests that pit traditional powerhouses with smaller programs willing to take their lumps. Ohio residents will be able to place wagers on the Xavier vs. Cincinnati showdown and other matchups that feature Ohio-based programs.

              PGA Golf Odds

              Golf betting is a fun way for golf fans to enjoy the action on the links. With weekly tournaments and heightened excitement for the numerous high-profile tournaments that take place over the course of the season, bettors have plenty of wagering options from which to choose. PGA odds can be found for an upcoming tournament — the majors will take action weeks ahead of time — and on the odds of a golfer to finish as the season’s champion

              NASCAR Odds

              NASCAR betting odds are released for each of the races on the season’s calendar, including the All-Star race. Additionally, NASCAR fans can find futures odds on individual drivers’ chances of taking home the end-of-season title following the playoffs.

              Soccer Odds

              Soccer is the most popular sport on the globe and offers tons of opportunities for bettors to place a few wagers. Soccer betting odds can be found for many of the soccer leagues around the world, including those in North America and Europe. This global popularity is really put on display during big continental and global tournaments. Competitions like the European Championship and Copa America showcase some of the world’s top players and national teams, so there is naturally a high degree of popularity. World Cup odds, however, are the most anticipated in the soccer space though. It’s true that MLS, the States’ top-flight domestic league lags compared to its global counterparts. However, partnerships such as the one forged between the Columbus Crew and Tipico Sportsbook underscore the momentum of not only sports betting in Ohio, but the growing relevance of MLS overall.

              Boxing Odds

              Boxing betting isn’t what it once was when it was arguably the most popular sport among sports fans. Even if it’s considered a bit of a niche sport these days, there is interest from the betting angle. Boxing purists may be inclined to bet on less well-known bouts, but the majority of bets will come in during high-profile matchups.

              MMA Betting 

              MMA — on both the men’s and women’s side — has grown in popularity in recent years and decades. It’s not threatening the big team sports and leagues in terms of popularity, but it continues to grow nonetheless. MMA odds are available for undercard fights, but bettors will mostly be in search of UFC betting odds for the “main cards”.

              WNBA Odds

              The WNBA has found success in several markets. Bettors can make WNBA picks on a particular game or on the odds of a team to win the championship. The WNBA playoffs provide the most league visibility and are a point in the season when sports fans may be inclined to place a wager or two. 

              Tennis Odds

              Tennis bets, including those made on the US Open odds or any other major — or even not-so-major — tournament’s odds. Tennis is popular on the men’s and women’s side with both tours producing a number of major stars and up-and-coming talents.

              Ohio Sports Betting Odds Calculators

              With so many varieties of bets and sportsbooks through which to place them, novice — or even experienced — bettors can be overwhelmed. Between comparing odds and keeping track of potential winnings, there is a lot to juggle. That’s why odds calculators can be invaluable tools for those making bets. These can be especially helpful to determine how much money would be paid out in the event of a winning bet; calculating the growing — potential — pot of a multi-leg parlay; or when deciding between two different sportsbooks’ odds offerings.

              What Affects Ohio Sports Betting Odds Throughout A Season

              Professional oddsmakers take great care to set an initial line on a contest or a team’s futures odds. However, they’re also responsible for adjusting their numbers based on any number of factors that arise over the course of the season. It could be something obvious like a serious injury to a major piece of the team or a blockbuster trade.

              It could also be something more challenging for the casual sports fan to gather. For example, expert oddsmakers may be able to gather subtle clues into why a team may or may not be fit to cover a spread on a particular contest.

              How To Bet On Sports In Ohio

              Once sports wagering comes to Ohio, you’ll be able to bet on sports quickly and easily depending on whether you want to visit a retail casino or racetrack or download an app to your mobile device.

              Download An App

              First, you’ll need to download the sportsbook app of your choice. If you’re an iPhone user, this is as simple as searching for the app using the App Store. If you’re an Android user, you may have to download the app from the book’s desktop website. Only some mobile sportsbook apps are available directly from the Google Play store.

              After you download the app, it’ll install automatically, along with geolocation software.

              Make An Account

              You’ll then need to open the app and make an account. Provide the app with some personal information so the book’s customer service representatives can verify your identity. You’ll be set within minutes. If you’re lucky, this is all that will be required.

              In-Person Registration (Optional)

              Ohio’s sports betting industry may require in-person registration, just like states such as Illinois. If this occurs, you’ll have to visit the retail casino or racetrack that has partnered with the sportsbook you have downloaded to complete the registration process.

              Fund Your Account

              You can connect a funding method to your sportsbook app account, such as a debit or credit card or a linked bank account. Be sure to fund your bets while taking any opening bonuses into account; deposit match bonuses, for example, only kick in for the first deposit you make, so a bigger deposit may result in a bigger bonus.

              Place A Bet

              You’ll be able to place a wager after following the above steps. Navigate through your sportsbook of choice and find the betting lines that look to be the most entertaining or attractive.

              Sports Betting Odds Ohio FAQs

              Will sports betting be legal in Ohio?

              Yes. In fact, sports betting is legal in Ohio, and it will launch on Jan. 1, 2023. Ohioans can expect to be able to place sports wagers online and at retail locations across the Buckeye State.

              Where can I find sports scores and odds on a mobile device?

              Odds and scores for upcoming sports matchups can be found online and on sports betting apps. Individual sportsbook apps will have the odds you’re looking for. Meanwhile, scores can be found through a variety of outlets, both desktop and mobile, including league apps and sports media apps.

              Where can I find the best odds online?

              There isn’t one sportsbook that has the “best” odds. Bettors are encouraged to shop around for the best odds for any given event on which they’re placing a wager. Even a half-point in spread can be the difference between winning or losing a bet. Each individual sportsbook will have its odds available on desktop and mobile.

              Where can I find free betting picks?

              Free betting picks can often be found through a quick Google search. Many sites have experienced writers and analysts who can provide valuable insight to casual and recreational bettors.

              What are live betting odds?

              Live betting odds are dynamic odds and lines that change in real time during an event. For instance, if a favorite enters a game as a -130 favorite, but falls into an early deficit, the odds may adjust to -110. A bettor who maintains faith in that side can then bet on that side with a more favorable price.

              Where is the best place to find Las Vegas Sports Odds?

              There are a number of places to find Vegas odds, but anointing a “best” may not be necessary. The best thing for bettors to do is have a handful of sportsbook apps they trust and like to use, and compare odds across those platforms.

              Can I bet on events happening off the field?

              Yes. While not the norm, bettors can often find prop bets that include non game-related bets. For instance, ahead of the Super Bowl, a bettor can find prop bets on whether the pregame singing of the National Anthem will finish Over or Under the book’s set time limit.

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