Betting On The Cleveland Browns In Ohio

Cleveland Browns fans can celebrate this season with the launch of legal sports betting in their home state on Jan. 1, 2023. The Browns have received recent odds boosts from major sportsbooks like DraftKings – there’s a good chance this popular and Ohio-native team may go all the way to the Super Bowl this season.

Let’s break down everything you need to know about Cleveland Browns odds. This includes how to place bets on the Browns and what current odds updates indicate about the team’s chances of ultimate victory.

Cleveland Browns Odds At The Best Sportsbooks

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Where Can You Bet On The Cleveland Browns?

At the moment, Ohio residents are not able to bet on the Cleveland Browns in their home state. That’s because Ohio just recently legalized retail and online sports betting. The state government has not yet released any licenses for commercial sportsbook operators.

Instead, you can only bet on the Cleveland Browns in nearby states like Iowa or Pennsylvania. That said, once commercial sportsbooks get up and running, Cleveland Browns fans will be able to bet on their favorite football team both using mobile sportsbook apps and at retail sportsbook locations.

The odds won’t differ between mobile and retail sportsbook locations provided that the books are from the same brand. For example, if you use a mobile DraftKings app from the comfort of your couch, expect to find the same odds there as you would find at DraftKings’ retail location in Ohio (assuming one is built).

All sportsbooks in Ohio should take bets on the championship, as futures bets for the NFL are some of the most popular in the entire industry. The earlier you place your bet, the greater your opportunity for big profits!

Cleveland Browns Schedule 2022/2023

  • Sunday, September 11, 1:00 PM ET – Cleveland Browns @ Carolina Panthers
  • Sunday, September 18, 1:00 PM ET – Cleveland Browns vs. New York Jets
  • Thursday, September 22, 8:15 PM ET – Cleveland Browns vs. Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Sunday, October 2, 1:00 PM ET – Cleveland Browns @ Atlanta Falcons
  • Sunday, October 9, 1:00 PM ET – Cleveland Browns vs. Los Angeles Chargers
  • Sunday, October 16, 1:00 PM ET – Cleveland Browns vs. New England Patriots
  • Sunday, October 23, 1:00 PM ET – Cleveland Browns @ Baltimore Ravens
  • Monday, October 31, 8:15 PM ET – Cleveland Browns vs. Cincinnati Bengals
  • Sunday, November 13, 1:00 PM ET – Cleveland Browns @ Miami Dolphins
  • Sunday, November 20, 1:00 PM ET – Cleveland Browns @ Buffalo Bills
  • Sunday, November 27, 1:00 PM ET – Cleveland Browns vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Sunday, December 4, 1:00 PM ET – Cleveland Browns @ Houston Texans
  • Sunday, December 11, 1:00 PM ET – Cleveland Browns @ Cincinnati Bengals
  • Sunday, December 18, TBD – Cleveland Browns vs. Baltimore Ravens
  • Saturday, December 24, 1:00 PM ET – Cleveland Browns vs. New Orleans Saints
  • Sunday, January 1, 1:00 PM ET – Cleveland Browns @ Washington Commanders
  • Sunday, January 8, TBD – Cleveland Browns @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Cleveland Browns Betting News And Updates

  • Seventh-round pick Dawson Deaton (OL) suffered an ACL injury, and will be out for the season.
  • Cleveland Browns activate CB Denzel Ward from the PUP list, and expect him to be ready for Week 1.
  • Projected starting center Nick Harris suffered a season-ending knee injury. He is expected to be replaced by Ethan Pocic.
  • Cleveland Browns beat the Jacksonville Jaguars 24-13 in Week 1 of the preseason.
  • Quarterback Deshaun Watson is suspended for the first 11 games of the 2022 season. He’ll also pay a $5 million fine. Backup QB Jacoby Brissett will likely take the starting role during Watson’s suspension.

How Cleveland Browns Betting Odds Are Calculated

Like all the other major teams, the Cleveland Browns’ sportsbook odds are calculated primarily from the work of professional linemakers (sometimes called oddsmakers). In a nutshell, these professionals are skilled statisticians who take a look at key factors like:

  • Player stats and data
  • Team performance
  • Where games will take place, including what weather will be affecting the game
  • Coach strategies

Once they gather all this information, they come up with odds that offer a good opportunity for profit for various players. This is for those who wish to bet on the underdog team and players who bet on the favorite team to win in a given match.

Sportsbooks also typically set the odds so they are entertaining rather than mathematically accurate or perfect.

Cleveland Browns Moneyline Odds

Moneyline odds for the Cleveland Browns are the simplest you can find on mobile sportsbooks. These odds simply represent the chances for one team to win or lose a given game. Here’s an example:

  • Browns +200
  • Eagles -300

In this example, the Browns are considered the underdogs in the match since they have a positive sign next to their number. The Eagles are considered the underdogs with a negative sign next to their odds.

Moneyline odds show how much players need to bet to win $100 (if wagering on a favorite team) or how much money they will win by wagering $100 if their team is successful (if wagering on the underdog team).

For example:

  • A player who wagers $100 on the Browns stands to win $200 in addition to their original wager returned if the Browns win
  • A player must wager $300 to see a return of $100 if the Eagles win

Cleveland Browns Points Spreads

Players may also wager on point spread bets, which try to estimate by how many points a team will win or lose by. Here’s another example:

  • Falcons +7.5 (+110)
  • Browns -7.5 (-110)

In this example, the Cleveland Browns are favored to win by 7.5 points. If the Browns win a game by this amount, the sports bettor who wagers just $10 would win the bet and get a payout of $19.09. If the Falcons win, tie the game, or lose by less than 6.5 points, a sports better who wagers on them would get the same payout.

Cleveland Browns Futures Odds

 Current Odds (DraftKings)Preseason Odds (DraftKings)
Odds To Win Super Bowl LVII+3000+3000
Odds To Make The Playoffs+165+165
Odds To Win AFC North+330+330
Odds To Win AFC+1600+1600

Cleveland Browns Prop Bets

Prop bets will likely be popular sports wagers for fans of the Cleveland Browns when sports betting finally gets up and running in Ohio. Prop bets are single-event wagers that surround one event or action only, and never the outcome of the match. Examples include:

  • Whether a specific player will make a touchdown
  • Whether a specific player will run the ball a certain number of yards
  • Whether a certain player will fumble a pass
  • Whether a certain player will become injured
  • Who will win the season MVP
  • Who will score the most touchdowns in a season

Prop bets are fun and exciting ways to wager, especially for inexperienced sports bettors. Prop bets also frequently have odds boosts or other promotions attached to them with online sportsbook apps, making them great ways to earn a profit in many cases.

How To Bet On The Cleveland Browns In Ohio

Ohio’s recent sports betting legislation has indicated that both retail and online sports betting will be allowed. As a result, players will be able to bet on the Cleveland Browns both in person at their favorite sportsbooks or at home using a mobile device.

To bet on the Cleveland Browns from afar:

  • Players will first need to download the sportsbook of their choice
  • Then they can create an account and register for the sportsbook entirely remotely. Ohio will not likely require in-person registration for mobile sportsbooks
  • Once registered, players can fund their sportsbook account and start placing bets on the Cleveland Browns or any other sporting events they choose

Live Betting On Cleveland Browns In Ohio

Most Ohio sportsbooks will also allow live or in-play betting. These bets are special wagers that are only placeable in the middle of a game. Online sportsbooks allow you to put your money down in the middle of the action and odds are formulated using automated algorithms rather than professional linemakers.

Apps like DraftKings, BetMGM, and FanDuel are sure to provide fantastic live betting experiences for Ohio residents if and when they launch in this state.

How To Bet On The Championships In Ohio

The Super Bowl championships are popular futures bets around the country. Fortunately, Cleveland Browns fans should be able to bet on the championships and support their team next year, after mobile sportsbooks have already launched.

Cleveland Browns Stadium

The Cleveland Browns have a home stadium in Ohio called FirstEnergy Stadium. FirstEnergy is multipurpose but is most often used for football matches rather than college football or soccer.

In total, it has a seating capacity of 67,895 people and features a variety of modern concession areas, technology connectivity improvements, and premium suites for those who pay extra as a result of recent renovations. FirstEnergy Stadium is located at 100 Alfred Lerner Way.

Ohio’s legal sports betting industry is still young. But the Cleveland Browns may partner with a retail sportsbook that sets up shop in their home stadium sometime in the future.

Cleveland Browns Odds In Ohio FAQs

Do Ohio’s legal sportsbooks offer bets on the Cleveland Browns?

Not yet. However, all legal sportsbooks with NFL betting markets should allow bets on the Cleveland Browns when they eventually launch Jan. 1, 2023. 

How popular is betting on the Cleveland Browns?

As a professional football franchise, the Cleveland Browns are a very popular football betting subject.

Where can you bet on the Super Bowl in Ohio?

Once sportsbooks launch, you’ll be able to bet on the Super Bowl both at retail sportsbook locations and from anywhere in the state using a mobile sportsbook platform.

Do the Cleveland Browns have any sportsbook partnerships in Ohio?

Not yet. However, the team may decide to partner with an official sportsbook once one launches in this state.

Is DraftKings legal in Ohio?

Not for offering sports betting. But we expect DraftKings to be among the first sportsbooks to acquire licensure in this state.

Does DraftKings offer odds on the Cleveland Browns?

Yes. When it launches in Ohio, these odds will show up alongside the sportsbook.

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