Betting On the Cincinnati Reds In Ohio

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine signed a sports betting bill into law last December. Legal sports betting is coming to Ohio, and we expect major sportsbooks such as DraftKings, FanDuel, PointsBet, and others to be operational in 2022. They’ll provide the most competitive sports betting odds and betting lines on the Cincinnati Reds.

The Cincinnati Reds have won five World Series championships. The most recent World Series title came in 1990.

Where Can I Bet On Sports Online In Ohio?

Ohio Sharp recommends the sportsbooks mentioned above as blue-chip options for betting on the Cincinnati Reds. Betting lines can vary depending on the sportsbook, so it’s prudent for bettors to open accounts with multiple operators. That will allow you to shop around for the best betting odds on the Cincinnati Reds. Also, be sure to shop around for the best sign-up bonus as a new user


The best overall betting experience can be found at DraftKings, which offers great promotions for new accounts. You can get a free $50 bet by depositing just $5 or take advantage of a $1,000 deposit match offer

DraftKings Futures Odds On Reds To Win 2022 World Series: +7000


FanDuel offers highly competitive odds across a variety of sports including MLB. Betting on the Cincinnati Reds here is another recommended option. FanDuel’s promotion for new users offers a $1,000 risk-free bet.

FanDuel Futures Odds On Reds To Win 2022 World Series: +7500


PointsBet offers two risk-free bets up to $2,000 for new accounts. You’ll find competitive odds on the Cincinnati Reds, and a wide variety of betting options at PointsBet.

PointsBet Futures Odds On Reds To Win 2022 World Series: +10000

Cincinnati Reds Schedule 2022

The Reds play a 162-game schedule that starts in April and ends in October. Cincinnati competes in the National League’s Central Division along with the Milwaukee Brewers, St. Louis Cardinals, Pittsburgh Pirates, and the Chicago Cubs. The Reds last made the playoffs in the Covid-shortened 2020 season, losing to the Atlanta Braves in the Wild-Card Series. Last year, the Reds finished with a record of 83-79, good for third place in the NL Central division.  

Cincinnati Reds Betting News And Updates

  • Jan. 6, 2022 – The Reds signed pitcher Ben Lively to a minor league contract.
  • Dec. 20, 2021 – Cincinnati signed first baseman Jake Bauers to a minor league contract.
  • Dec. 9, 2021 – The Reds inked pitcher Kyle Dowdy to a minor league contract.
  • Dec. 8, 2021 – Cincinnati drafted designated hitter Ronnie Dawson from the minor league.
  • Dec. 1, 2021 – The Reds signed Trey Amburgey to a minor league contract.

How Cincinnati Reds Betting Odds Are Calculated 

Oddsmakers create the betting odds and lines for each Cincinnati Reds game during the regular season and playoffs. Starting pitchers are typically the biggest factors in odds for MLB games. Let’s take a look at a real-world example from last season to illustrate how odds work and the types of bets you can make on the Cincinnati Reds. These odds were for the Sept. 27, 2001, game against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Reds-177-1.5 (+125)O 9.5 (-105)
Pirates+162+1.5 (-105)U 9.5 (-115)

Let’s say you like the Reds on the moneyline, which involves no added runs to the final score. You could bet $177 on Cincy to win $100. The spread bet would be $100 to win $125, but you’d need the Reds to win by at least two runs. Lastly, you could bet $105 to win $100 on the OVER 9.5 total number of runs scored by both teams. How did these bets fare? Cincinnati crushed Pittsburgh, 13-1. You won $100 on the moneyline, $125 on the spread, and $100 on the OVER. You wagered $382 all totaled and won all three bets for a profit of $325. You do, of course, get back the $382 by virtue of winning all of the bets.

You’ll notice the different odds in the table above. For instance, Cincinnati was a fairly big favorite to win the game outright. So, your bet on the moneyline was relatively expensive at -177 odds. Using the odds, you can also figure out the ‘vig’ for each bet. The vig, short for vigorish, is the amount the sportsbook charges for taking a bet. When it came to the spread in this game, the vig was 4.34% based on the following calculation:

 -105 (-105 + 100) X 100) + (100/ (125 + 100) X 100) – 100

The vig using standard -110 odds (bet $11 to win $10) is around 4.76%, so this was slightly lower for the spread bet.

Cincinnati Reds Futures Odds 

Futures odds, as the name hints at, are based on outcomes that are decided in the future. The most popular futures bet involves betting a team to win the World Series championship at the end of the season. You can bet on this at any time of the year. At the time of this writing, the 2022 MLB season was still three-plus months away. The Reds, as we mentioned previously, were listed anywhere from +7000 to +10000 to win the World Series at DraftKings, FanDuel, and PointsBet. A $100 bet on the Reds at +7000 odds will return $7,000 if Cincy wins the World Series. The Reds are a longshot to do so, obviously.  

There are other futures bets available on the Cincinnati Reds. You can bet on the OVER or UNDER total number of wins the Reds will have during the season, or whether they’ll win the NL Central division.

Cincinnati Reds Prop Bets 

Prop bets are typically bets that aren’t tied to the outcome of a game. It’s possible to play prop bets on individual Reds players or the team itself. One of the most popular MLB prop bets is betting OVER or UNDER on the number of strikeouts a starting pitcher will have in a game. Luis Castillo, for example, is one of Cincy’s top pitchers. In a game against the Diamondbacks last year, these were the odds offered on Castillo throwing more than 6.5 strikeouts against Arizona.

Luis CastilloOver 6.5 (-105)
Under 6.5 (-125)

Let’s assume you liked the OVER on this prop bet. You bet $105 to win $100 and hoped Castillo would have at least seven strikeouts to cover your bet. Unfortunately, you lost this wager as Castillo finished with just four strikeouts. You lost $105.

It’s also possible to make prop bets on the Reds as a team. In another game against the Pittsburgh Pirates last year, Cincinnati was -0.5 runs after 4.5 innings at odds of +105. That means they needed to be ahead of the Pirates by just one run when half of the 9-inning game was done. Pittsburgh led by a score of 3-2 after 4.5 innings, so Reds bettors lost this prop bet, too.   

How To Bet On The Cincinnati Reds In Ohio 

As mentioned, online sportsbooks will be up and running in Ohio sometime in 2022. Let’s explain the best way to bet on the Cincinnati Reds when that happens. The easiest way to do this is by downloading the DraftKings sports betting app. For iOS users, this can be done at the App Store. Android users can do likewise at the Google Play Store.

Once downloaded, you’ll need to register your new account by providing some personal information including your email address, mailing address, age, and the last four digits of your social security number. After you’ve registered the account, you’ll next need to fund it. DraftKings offers several ways to make deposits. Finally, to make a bet, navigate on the app by clicking the link for Major League Baseball and then the Reds. Confirm your bet amount and place the wager. 

Live Betting On The Cincinnati Reds

Live betting is also known as in-game wagering. It takes place when a game is in progress. Technology gives sportsbooks the opportunity to adjust odds on a real-time basis. DraftKings, FanDuel, and PointsBet all offer great live betting platforms.  

Cincinnati Reds Partnerships With Sportsbooks 

The Cincinnati Reds signed a deal with WynnBET in June 2021. Under the terms of the contract, WynnBet gained access to the official marks and logos for the Reds. WynnBET offers fans the chance to win tickets to Reds games and team memorabilia.

Cincinnati Reds Home Stadium

The Great American Ballpark serves as the home venue for the Cincinnati Reds. It’s located on the banks of the Ohio River in downtown Cincinnati. The Great American Ballpark opened in time for the 2003 MLB season. The seating capacity is 42,271.

Great American Ballpark: 100 Joe Nuxhall Way, Cincinnati, OH 45202 | (513) 381-7337

Cincinnati Reds Odds In Ohio FAQs

How Are Vegas Betting Odds For The Cincinnati Reds Calculated?

Oddsmakers at top-flight online sportsbooks such as DraftKings, FanDuel, and PointsBet create the odds for Cincinnati Reds games. They post an opening line with the aim of creating equal action on both sides of the bet. This helps ensure no liability for the respective sportsbook. Odds are continually adjusted until the game starts based on the money coming in from bettors.

Do Ohio’s Legal Sportsbooks Offer Bets On The Cincinnati Reds?

While sports betting has been legalized in Ohio, the major sportsbooks we’ve mentioned won’t be operational until sometime in 2022. Hopefully, this will be sooner rather than later. Once in place, sportsbooks such as DraftKings, FanDuel, PointsBet, and many others will all offer a variety of bets on the Cincinnati Reds.

Where Can I Bet On The World Series In Ohio?

You will have several options when sports betting is operational this year in Ohio. In addition to our top three recommended sportsbooks – DraftKings, FanDuel, and PointsBet – you can also expect major players such as BetMGM, Caesars Sportsbook, and BetRivers to enter the marketplace. All of these sportsbooks will offer many different bets on the World Series even if the Cincinnati Reds aren’t playing in it. 

Is DraftKings Legal In Ohio?

DraftKings currently offers daily fantasy sports services in Ohio. The company’s separate sports betting app will be operational in Ohio soon.    

Does DraftKings Offer Odds On The Cincinnati Reds?

Yes. DraftKings offers several different odds and ways to bet on the Cincinnati Reds. You can bet on the spread, moneyline, total and more for each game. You can also make futures bets, prop bets, parlays, and more on the Cincinnati Reds.

Who Has The Best Odds On The Cincinnati Reds?

This truly depends on the game and bet in question. Ohio Sharp recommends opening accounts with different sportsbooks. This will allow you to shop around for the best odds and lines on any given game. There can be variance in the betting markets based on the way sportsbooks’ patrons are betting the game. Make sure to research your options to ensure you receive the best value available for all of your bets on the Cincinnati Reds. 

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