Betting On The Stanley Cup In Ohio

Ohio residents have a big reason to celebrate: the legalization of sports betting became a reality just before the new year! While sports wagering still hasn’t kicked off in the state, you can still prepare for betting on the Stanley Cup in Ohio.

Hockey fans no doubt want the process to speed up. The Stanley Cup is only a few months away, meaning that anyone wishing to bet on this NHL event needs a legal sportsbook in their hand ASAP. Let’s look at everything you need to know about Stanley Cup odds for Ohio sports betting, including how the odds are calculated.

Current Stanley Cup Odds In Ohio

TeamDraftKings OddsFanDuel OddsBetMGM Odds
Columbus Blue Jackets+20000+15000+15000
COL Avalanche+550+550+550
TOR Maple Leafs+700+1000+900
TB Lightning+700+800+800
VGK Golden Knights+800+750+800

Where Can I Bet On The Stanley Cup In Ohio?

While sports wagering is coming to Ohio in 2022 (so we hope!), you can’t bet on NHL events or the Stanley Cup quite yet. Given that the Stanley Cup will be held in June or July 2022, it’s still up in the air whether sports betting will be ready to go by the time the first pucks hit the ice.

With that said, it’s almost guaranteed that Ohio residents will be able to bet on the Stanley Cup in Ohio in 2023 at the latest. Here’s where you’ll be able to bet on hockey games when the industry finally launches in Ohio.

Betting On The Stanley Cup Online In Ohio

Online sports betting will certainly be a part of the sports industry for Ohio. Online sports betting is already popular throughout the country, and for good reason: for many bettors, nothing beats putting your money down on a hockey game from the comfort of your own couch. This way, you can bet on games without having to pay for tickets or even pay for gas.

In addition, most online sportsbooks offer apps in both iOS and Android versions, allowing you to put your money down and make major profits no matter what type of mobile device you have. Betting on the Stanley Cup online should be quick and simple and you should be able to place futures bets or in-play bets from any licensed, quality wagering platform.

Even better, sportsbook registration shouldn’t require you to visit a tethered or partnered casino or sportsbook in person like you have to do in Illinois. Stay tuned to see which online sportsbooks, such as DraftKings SportsbookFanDuel Sportsbook, and BetMGM, are most likely to make the cut and launch in Ohio sooner rather than later.

Sportsbook Locations In Ohio

We also expect retail sportsbooks to eventually launch in Ohio, although the number and location of these are still undetermined. We could see retail sportsbooks at sporting arenas like professional stadiums, sports bars, and many of Ohio’s commercial casinos. These brick-and-mortar sportsbooks will take some time to be constructed and fully launch. However, we have you covered with relaying details as they come to light.

Once retail sportsbooks are constructed and launched, you can expect to find all major types of wagers available there, with the potential exception of in-play or live betting.

History of Columbus Blue Jackets Championships

The Columbus Blue Jackets haven’t won an NHL championship, so they’re no doubt chomping at the bit for their first chance at the gold. Given their odds for the Stanley Cup, however, this may not be their year to shine. Still, anything can change between now and the Stanley Cup, so keep an eye on the team’s odds if you want to support your local Ohio pros.

Off-Season Odds Breakdown for Columbus Blue Jackets

In the off-season, the Columbus Blue Jackets were the subject of many odds shifts and early announcements from major sportsbooks like DraftKings. For example:

  • The Columbus Blue Jackets had over under/goal totals odds of 76.5
  • The Blue Jackets had Metropolitan Division odds of +13,000 before the season initially began.
  • The Blue Jackets have make or miss playoff odds of +1100/-2000.
  • Before the season began, the Columbus Blue Jackets’ odds to win the Stanley Cup were +20,000.

Many sportsbooks have the same odds for the Columbus Blue Jackets. Time will tell whether the odds fluctuate massively or if the Columbus Blue Jackets prove oddsmakers right in calling them underdogs.

Stanley Cup Odds And Betting

Betting on the Stanley Cup – by far the biggest sporting match of the year for NHL fans – will bring tons of betting lines to all online sportsbooks in Ohio once they eventually launch. Understanding how these odds work and how you can place a bet on the Stanley Cup is key to enjoying this major event when it occurs in a few months.

What Is A Stanley Cup Futures Bet?

Some of the most popular Stanley Cup bets will undoubtedly be futures bets. In a nutshell, futures bets involve wagering on which teams will win the Stanley Cup overall, although some futures bets will also focus on team “brackets,” such as you bet on which teams will make it a certain distance to the championship without actually making the playoffs.

Futures bets usually have their odds displayed with a “+” or “-“ depending on whether the odds are for the underdog or the favored team to win the match or championship. Here’s an example:

  • +3000 Columbus Blue Jackets
  • -700 TB Lightning

In this hypothetical matchup, the Columbus Blue Jackets are the underdogs. The +3000 next to their name says that wagering $100 on their ultimate victory could potentially net you $3000 in winnings if they are successful.

On the flip side, the TB Lightning are expected to win the match, so you would need to wager $700 to see just $100 in net profits. In this way, it’s usually more profitable to bet on the underdog, but it’s also riskier by the very nature of the bet.

Futures bets odds usually fluctuate throughout the season. The earlier you put your money down, however, the bigger the odds difference and the more money you could potentially make if your team is victorious.

What Is A Stanley Cup Prop Bet?

The Stanley Cup will also likely drop plenty of prop bets at both online and in-person sportsbooks. Prop or proposition bets don’t concern themselves with which team will win a match or championship. Instead, they revolve around isolated events or incidents in the middle of or after a match.

For example, a Stanley Cup prop bet might revolve around whether a specific player will make a goal, or a prop bet might provide odds surrounding the likelihood of another player becoming injured during the Stanley Cup finals match.

Prop bets are very easy to grasp and are ideal wagers for newcomers to sports betting. They are also a nice way to bet on the Stanley Cup in the middle of the action through live betting interfaces. Prop bets use similar odds as the example, and major sportsbooks in Ohio will list their odds in the American format with decimal points rather than fractions.

How Stanley Cup Betting Odds Are Calculated

The odds for the Stanley Cup and all other major NHL events are calculated by taking official sporting league data and using the skills of professional statisticians called oddsmakers. The oddsmakers work for licensed sports betting apps, including those likely to be licensed in Ohio, and they craft fun and engaging sports betting lines for both sides of a wager.

Note that these odds are not necessarily perfectly fair or even accurate, as some sporting fans will confirm. Instead, the odds are calculated so that both the underdog wagerer and the bettor who likes to wager on the favored team to win both stand a decent chance at making some money. This strategy keeps the action fresh and exciting.

Betting odds are calculated over time and some of them fluctuate. For example, futures betting odds are first calculated far in advance of the season conclusion, with odds being derived from each team’s prior performance, off-season developments, and team additions and subtractions.

As hockey season kicks off, statisticians will adjust the odds accordingly and change how much each side of a wager can expect in a payout if they are correct. Ultimately, betting odds are calculated fairly and safely, making licensed sportsbooks a much better choice for Ohio sports wagering fans compared to illegal counterparts.

How To Place Online Stanley Cup Bets In Ohio

Ohioans should be able to place online Stanley Cup bets fairly easily, especially since it’s unlikely that Ohio will require in-person registration for online betting apps. Ohio residents should be able to place bets online with this step-by-step sequence:

  • First, download the sportsbook of your choice to your iOS or Android phone. You shouldn’t need to worry about having one phone or the other since most major sportsbook apps have versions for both operating systems.
  • Next, register for your sports betting account. You will likely not need to live in Ohio to register for an account, but you will need to provide an appropriate address and your social security number and place bets within Ohio state lines for your wager to go through.
  • Then, fund your account and take advantage of any opening bonuses that may apply. Some popular sportsbooks only allow you to activate opening bonuses during the registration process, so be sure not to skip them accidentally!
  • Once you fund your account, you can navigate to the betting line of your choice and put your money down.

The Stanley Cup will be played in June or July 2022, meaning futures bets are already being accepted in states with legal sports betting industries. If sports betting apps come to Ohio before this time, you should be able to place bets on the Stanley Cup immediately after opening your app.

Note that the exact requirements and limitations of Ohio’s future sports betting industry are still under discussion. Be sure to regularly check that major shifts haven’t occurred before signing up for a sports betting app.

Betting Odds For The Stanley Cup FAQs

Is it legal to bet on the Stanley Cup in Ohio?

Not yet, even though sports wagering is technically legal. No legal sportsbooks have been launched because Ohio still needs to put together a special commission to regulate the industry and come up with rules for each licensed operator.

How old do I need to be to bet on sports activities like the Stanley Cup in Ohio?

Once sports betting is up and running, you’ll need to be 21 or older to bet on the Stanley Cup in Ohio. This will also be the age required to partake in any gambling activities.

Is it safe to bet on the Stanley Cup online?

It can be safe to bet on the Stanley Cup online if you do so using a fully licensed and registered sportsbook. Don’t use an unlicensed or offshore sportsbook, as these apps could potentially steal your money or personal information.

Where will you be able to bet on the Stanley Cup in Ohio?

Once sports betting fully launches in Ohio, you’ll be able to bet on the Stanley Cup using mobile sportsbooks and retail sportsbook locations.

Will online sportsbooks in Ohio offer in-game betting during the Stanley Cup?

Most quality sportsbook apps in Ohio will offer in-game betting for the Stanley Cup and other major sporting events like the Super Bowl and World Series.

Who is the current Stanley Cup odds favorite for 2022?

The odds favorite for the Stanley Cup are the Colorado Avalanches, with odds at about +550 on most major sports betting platforms. However, keep in mind that these odds could change as the season progresses and as line makers adjust their expectations for specific teams.

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