Ohio State University Asks For Limitations On College Sports Betting

Ohio sports betting is coming no later than Jan. 1, 2023. However, if Ohio State University has its way, the rules regarding betting on college sports in the Buckeye State will be tough.

In a letter to the Ohio Casino Control Commission in January, Ohio State’s Vice President of the Office of Government Affairs, Stacy Rastauskas expressed some serious concerns regarding the impact sports betting could have on students and student-athletes:

“Our principal concerns are for the ongoing safety and well-being of our student body,” Rastauskas wrote. “Both athlete and non-athlete students will be exposed to undesirable behaviors surrounding wagering on collegiate events, and we must work together to ensure the best outcome for both our student population and the state of Ohio.”

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More Details Of Ohio State’s Request To Limit College Sports Betting

In the letter, Ohio State included more than a general request to limit college sports betting. Here are some specific requests sent to the OCCC.

  • No betting on club sports
  • Limit college betting to football and basketball and only on the outcome of games.
  • No prop betting.
  • No live, in-game betting.
  • Enhanced penalties for cases involving cheating and/or coercion.
  • Players, coaches, officials, and university athletic department employees may not place bets.
  • Enhanced services for university students regarding education and problem gaming/addiction.

Protecting the integrity of college sports and student-athletes has been a primary concern for many states. To alleviate them, some have established rules restricting betting on college sports.

Some, like New Jersey, restrict betting on in-state teams and events held in-state. Others, like Illinois, restrict betting on in-state teams and prohibit all prop bets and in-play betting. Some have restrictions on player props but allow everything else. If the commission follows Bretherton’s recommendations, Ohio could have some of the strictest rules in the country regarding college sports.

The OCCC started publishing proposed rules in January. Since then, Ohio State has been the only university to submit comments.

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When Will Ohio Sports Betting Launch?

According to the law, sports betting should launch no later than Jan. 1, 2023. Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine expressed hope that the state can launch sooner in an interview with News5:

“I’ve instructed our administration as soon as everything is ready, we should move forward with it; we don’t want to hold it up, we want to follow what the law says and make this available to people, but it’s going to take some time for everything to be worked out before this can really start.”

It is in the state’s interest to launch in time for the 2022 NFL season. Doing so would allow the state to start taxing sports betting revenue during the most popular months for sports betting.

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