Ohio University Offering Master Certification in Sports Gambling Studies

Ohio University is expanding its curriculum on sports gambling with three new online courses that if completed, would result in a master certification for students.

The school is believed to be the first in the United States that offers such a broad range of sports gambling classes for students. Ohio University has partnered with U.S. Integrity and Cyanna Education Services to provide a Master Certification in Sports Gambling Education series.

The course offering comes as Ohio ramps up the process to launch mobile sports betting apps and retail sportsbooks on Jan. 1, 2023.

In 2020, Ohio University announced a plan to offer courses on sports betting and fraud prevention. This announcement of a more detailed curriculum in partnership with Cyanna Education Services is an update to that initiative. The certification is offered through OU’s AECOM Center for Sports Administration.

Ohio University’s gambling educational efforts are primarily focused on “preventing the impacts of sports-betting fraud” and a “commitment to integrity, compliance, and awareness” of the industry.

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Three Courses Offered in Sports Betting at Ohio University

The master certification consists of the completion of three courses:

  • SGE101: Sports Gambling Awareness: A 360° Perspective
  • SGE201: Analyzing Sports Gambling Integrity Challenges
  • SGE301: Innovations & Insights from Sports Gambling

Sports Gambling Education will be taught by gaming industry experts and educators with decades of experience in the sports administration and legal fields. An emphasis will be placed on awareness of sports betting issues in relation to ethics and fraud detection.

“This program is going to help educate coaches, students, and administrators on how to prevent, identify and react to instances of sports-betting fraud,” said AECOM Center for Sports Administration Executive Director Jim Kahler, who previously served as CMO and Senior VP of Sales and Marketing for the Cleveland Cavaliers. “The curriculum has been developed by a talented group of leaders in the industry, and we are excited to bring that knowledge and experience to the field.”

The program targets several demographics:

  • College athletics coordinators, as well as college coaches and personnel
  • Professionals employed in sports organizations
  • Legal professionals
  • Sports betting industry professionals

Each course consists of instructor-guided modules, hours of video instruction, self-paced course material, and readings. SGE101: Sports Gambling Awareness: A 360° Perspective, for example, offers instruction from 11 subject-matter experts, and has more than 75 hours of video course materials.

The cost of the three-course Sports Gambling Education/Master Certification is $2,999, according to the curriculum website. The university and its partners are sharing information about the classes on the program website.

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Program Partners

About Cyenna Education Services

Cyanna Education Services is located in Granville, Ohio, and is one of the leading online and extended education providers and technology facilitators in the midwest. The company has had a partnership with Ohio University for more than a decade.

CES will be hosting the platform that delivers the online courses for the Sports Gambling Education/Master Certification course from Ohio University, in partnership with U.S. Integrity.

U.S. Integrity And Analysis of Betting Data Trends

U.S. Integrity is a watchdog of the sports gambling industry, keeping tabs on the integrity of sports competitions and associated wagering. According to its website, a stated mission of U.S. Integrity is to “ensure that every sporting competition is fair and transparent.”

According to U.S. Integrity, the company uses four primary methods to monitor sports betting for fraudulent behavior:

  • Line movement and betting analysis
  • Misuse of insider information
  • Notable player or coaching events
  • Referee monitoring

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