Ohio Sports Betting Bonuses

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine signed legal sports betting into law in December of 2021, triggering the countdown until legal sports betting launches in the state. The Ohio Casino Control Commission recently released deadlines for sports betting operators to apply for licensure. The dates help provide a little bit of a timeline as to when prospective bettors can expect sports betting to launch in Ohio. Ohio law requires that the first legal wager be placed by January 1, 2023. It appears the state is making the necessary moves to ensure it will meet the deadline.

As part of the bill’s terms, Ohio Senate will allow for 40 sports betting licenses to be issued to prospective operators. Of those 40 licenses, 20 will be reserved for mobile sportsbook operators with the remaining half earmarked for brick-and-mortar retail sportsbooks. For now, Ohioans will need to remain patient as the final steps are made prior to launch. In the meantime, however, Ohio residents can familiarize themselves with some of the sportsbooks that could become available.

Best Online Sports Betting Bonuses In Ohio

Ohio Online Sports Betting Bonuses

Legal sports betting may not arrive in Ohio in time for Week 1 of the NFL season. However Ohioans can safely expect to have access to mobile sportsbook betting before the NFL season’s conclusion. We don’t know exactly what mobile and retail sportsbooks will hit the market in-state. We can still produce a good idea of the leading candidates that future Ohio bettors can expect to see arrive within their borders.

The best sportsbooks typically offer a welcome incentive that bettors can access via a promo code. This is a great way for new bettors to learn the lay of the land without committing too much money. Some bonuses are better than others, but for the most part, bettors will enjoy the value gained from these deals.

Even with these great deals on the table, always practice responsible gaming.

BetMGM Ohio

Up to $1,000 Risk-Free Bet

BetMGM’s initial risk-free bet up to $1,000 pays out site credits in the amount a bettor loses on his or her first wager. This only applies to a losing bet. BetMGM’s risk-free bet is a quality, bettor-friendly promotion that stands tall alongside some of the other welcome promotions in the industry. The sportsbook is available in a number states/territories, via mobile and/or retail betting. Ohio residents can bet on horse racing through BetMGM’s mobile platform, and it’s reasonable to anticipate expanded offerings when sports betting launches.

BetRivers Ohio

100% Deposit Match up to $250

BetRivers offers its new users a 100% deposit match up to $250. That means for every $1 a bettor deposits and wagers, he or she will receive $1 in site credits up to $250. Remember, these bonuses and promotions are overwhelmingly applied only to a user’s first deposit. So, in this case, a bettor would need to deposit $250 in order to receive the full value of BetRivers’ deposit match. BetRivers’ deposit match is modest compared to some of its competitors in the market. The appeal of a modest welcome bonus is that users don’t need to make a large financial commitment in order to maximize the value being offered. BetRivers’ boasts a lucrative rewards program as well, so there’s plenty of incentive for new Ohio bettors to keep the sportsbook in their rotations. 

DraftKings Ohio

Up to $1,050 in total bonus money for the welcome offer (Requires at least $5 deposit)

DraftKings’ welcome bonus is a bit misleading and may not be as appealing in reality as it is on first look. Bettors shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking DraftKings is offering a free $1,000. On bettors’ initial deposits, they’ll be eligible for $1 in bonus credits for every $5 they deposit. But DraftKings also has a playthrough requirement. Bettors will get $1 in site credits for every $25 they wager. So, bettors would have to deposit $5,000 and wager $25,000 to redeem the full $1,000 bonus. Bettors should treat this bonus like extra padding over their first wagers. It’s not free money. 

New users can also get a $50 free bet with a $5 deposit after creating an account on DraftKings.

FanDuel Ohio

$1,000 Risk-Free Bet

FanDuel offers a $1,000 risk-free bet, which is one of the top offers on the market. And also, like DraftKings, FanDuel has become a fixture in the sports betting market after making waves as a power in the Daily Fantasy Sports industry. So, it won’t be a shock in the least to see FanDuel in Ohio as one of the state’s first legal sportsbooks. Like the risk-free bets, bettors will get up to $1,000 back in site credits if they lose their first wagers. Since this is the most likely risk-free bet that Ohio will see early in its sports betting industry’s lifetime, bettors should expect to cash in on this one first. 

PointsBet Ohio

2 Risk-Free Bets up to $2,000

PointsBet has a slightly different structure to its welcome offer. The full $2,000 offer is split up into two different risk-free bets. One is a fixed-odds bet up to $500. This means any option with normal odds on the sportsbook platform is eligible. The other is up to a $1,500 wager within the “PointsBetting” feature.

PointsBetting is PointsBet’s signature wager type. Bettors can select the number of points they think the point spread or point totals will be and be rewarded exponentially. However, bettors lose exponentially if they’re wrong. If new bettors are going to use a risk-free bet, using it on PointsBetting is wise. 

Caesars Sportsbook Ohio

First Bet Insurance Up To $1,000

Caesars offers a $1,100 first bet insurance for new users. Caesars Sportsbook is another market leader that Ohioans will be able to wager through in-person or via mobile. The Cleveland Cavaliers forged a partnership with Caesars Sportsbook that will see the opening of a retail sportsbook at Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse. Caesars Sportsbook will be able to go toe-to-toe with competing heavyweights in the industry in terms of market depth and competitive odds. Mainstream domestic sports will be available for wagering, but so will international and niche sports. It’ll be worth Ohioans’ attention once the state’s betting market launches. 

Types Of Sports Betting Bonuses In Ohio 

At some point this fall, the expectation is Ohio residents will be able to place sports wagers through mobile sportsbook apps. It won’t be long before Ohio bettors are choosing between several different promotional offers aimed at bringing in fresh clientele. The most common incentives offered are deposit bonuses and risk-free bets. Sportsbooks aren’t only concerned with attracting new bettors though. In such a competitive market, it’s important that they also maintain the loyalty of those they’ve brought through the proverbial door. Sportsbooks often have VIP and loyalty programs that reward bettors for using their apps and betting at their locations over long periods of time. Sportsbooks also have ongoing promotions, which are usually small risk-free bets. Here are the most common types of bonuses that bettors will see. 

Risk-Free Bet

Risk-free bets are straightforward bonuses. They’re usually only redeemable on bettors’ first wagers. Bettors place their bets, and if they win, they don’t get the bonus. But if bettors lose, then they get whatever they wagered back, up to the advertised amounts. FanDuel’s, BetMGM’s, and Barstool Sportsbook’s $1,000 risk-free bets are good examples. Risk-free bets encourage bettors to spend a lot of money upfront. Sportsbooks hope that after bettors try sports betting and see large potential payouts that bettors will try again. They give bettors a chance to dip their toes into sports betting. 

However, they’re also easy for bettors to miss. Bettors must pay attention to risk-free bets’ terms and conditions before placing their first wagers. Or even before bettors make their first deposits. 

Deposit Bonus 

Deposit bonuses reward bettors for making large deposits, then wagering a lot of money shortly thereafter. Bettors should not mistake deposit bonuses for free money upon deposit. Many sportsbook bonuses require bettors to wager the money they deposit before getting any bonus credits. DraftKings’ $1,000 deposit bonus requires bettors to wager $5 before getting $1. BetRivers bettors can get $1 in site credits for $1 played, but they can only redeem up to $250. There’s often a tradeoff between redemption rates and redemption amounts. The redemption amount is also often set by bettors’ first deposits, which is the case with BetRivers. So, bettors should check the terms and conditions before trying to cash in on a deposit bonus. 

No-Deposit Bonus 

No-deposit bonuses are the closest things to free money that bettors will find at sportsbooks. They’re small amounts of money that sportsbooks credit to bettors’ accounts just for signing up. However, they’re small amounts of money and complement existing bonuses. Barstool Sportsbook has a $10 no-deposit bonus alongside its $1,000 risk-free bet. The $10 is a small gesture to entice bettors to try betting. But bettors shouldn’t get distracted by the $10 when they have a $1,000 risk-free bet to grapple with. 

First Bet Insurance

First bet insurance is, in many ways, what you would expect from the title. For your first bet on the platform, you cannot lose. If you do lose, the wager is refunded in the form of site credit.  However, this money cannot be withdrawn; you use it on another bet, and if that bet wins, then you can withdraw. So, bettors need to realize that they can ultimately lose their first wager, but it does take two wrong bets in a row. 

VIP/Loyalty Programs 

Not unlike many other industries, brands in the sports betting market want to reward loyal customers. VIP programs reward bettors who use the same sportsbook over a long time. BetRivers has a rewards program that rewards bettors for betting consistently and in large amounts. However, VIP and loyalty programs are often aimed at high-rollers, not occasional recreational bettors. Bettors should check redemption rates and bonus program details before deciding whether a sportsbook is worth wagering through with enough consistency to take advantage of a loyalty program. It’s encouraged that bettors download and use multiple sportsbook apps. Not only is this a great way of finding value on odds and lines, but it gives users the chance to determine which book(s) may be worthy of the top spot in their rotation of mobile sportsbooks.

How To Claim Online Sportsbook Bonuses In Ohio 

New bettors can claim bonuses, first by deciding the sportsbook through which they want to wager and the incentive they want to redeem. However, it should be noted that bettors shouldn’t feel obligated to choose and stick with one book. At least not in the early going. There is nothing wrong with trialing multiple sportsbooks to get a hands-on feel for which one(s) is/are preferred. Upon the launch of legal sports betting in Ohio, state residents can find their sportsbook of choice through their devices app store. That could be Apple’s App Store or the Google Play store for users on Android devices.

It sounds simple, but bettors will want to make sure they download the proper app. This isn’t to be funny or state the obvious, but some sportsbook companies have different apps for each state in which they operate. Other sportsbook companies have different apps for their daily fantasy products, sportsbooks, and online casinos. Bettors can easily make a mistake by downloading the wrong app and be puzzled as to why they’re unable to place wagers. 

Once bettors find their sportsbook app, they can download it and create their accounts. If bettors have a promo code, they can redeem it during registration. It’s usually available during steps one or three of registration. 

Once bettors have created their accounts, they can make their first deposit. This is also the first step to fulfilling some welcome bonus terms. So, bettors should check the welcome bonus terms and conditions before they deposit their first sum of money. The welcome bonus terms will either be on the promotions page or in an ad scrolling through the top of the sportsbook. After that, bettors just have to wager and withdraw any winnings. The withdrawal option is in the cashier section of bettors’ accounts. 

Ohio Sportsbook Bonus FAQs

What is the age requirement for betting online in Ohio? 

21. Ohio allows different types of gambling at younger ages, but Ohio’s sports betting bill only allows people who are at least 21 to place sports wagers. That’s a common practice among states with split gambling ages when they legalize sports betting. It allows casinos to offer retail sportsbooks without worrying about underage bettors coming into the casino and conflicting with their liquor license rules. 

Am I allowed to claim bonuses at multiple sportsbooks in Ohio?

Yes. Claiming bonuses at multiple sportsbooks can be a good way to leverage sportsbook funds. However, bettors can only claim a sportsbook’s welcome bonus once. After bettors claim a welcome bonus, they either have to take advantage of ongoing promotions or other sportsbooks’ welcome bonuses. Welcome bonuses are meant to lure bettors to one sportsbook. They’re not meant to continue rewarding bettors for very long. 

What are playthrough requirements as they pertain to online sportsbooks in Ohio?

Playthrough requirements make bettors play through a certain amount of money before they’re awarded bonus credits. They’re common among deposit bonuses and the specific requirements vary from book to book. BetRivers’ playthrough requirement makes bettors wager $1 of their own money before getting $1 in site credits. That ensures bettors not only make large deposits but also spend their deposited money at the sportsbook. Making bettors put some skin in the game is an important tactic for sportsbooks. 

When will sports betting be available in Ohio?

While a firm date has not been set for the official arrival of legal sports betting in Ohio, the OCCC released deadlines for sportsbook companies to apply for licensure. These dates can help provide context into when an official launch could be determined.

What bonus is DraftKings Sportsbook offering in Ohio?

DraftKings’ bonus is a $1,000 deposit bonus with a 20% match rate. For every $5 that bettors deposit, they’ll be eligible for $1 in bonus credits. However, DraftKings also has a playthrough requirement. Bettors must wager $25 to get $1 in site credits. It’s meant to slowly reward bettors based on their rates of play. Bettors aren’t getting $1,000 just for putting $1,000 into their accounts. 

What is the bonus at FanDuel Sportsbook in Ohio?

FanDuel offers a $1,000 risk-free bet to new bettors. Once bettors place their first wagers, they begin the process of redeeming FanDuel’s welcome bonus. If bettors lose their first bet, then FanDuel will credit bettors’ lost stakes up to $1,000. It’s an easy welcome bonus for bettors who rush into betting to miss. Don’t forget to check the terms and conditions to plan how to get the most out of a welcome bonus. 

Is there a wager requirement at Ohio sports betting apps?

Yes. Bettors have to put their own money down to either begin redeeming or redeem sportsbook bonuses. Sportsbooks want bettors to try betting to increase the chances that bettors will place wagers after cashing in on the welcome bonus. So, bettors should not expect to get any bonus credits without putting their own money into the sportsbook. There’s always an angle. 

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