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FOX is one of the most recognizable sports brands in the United States, and FOX Bet is likely to be one of the top sportsbooks in the Buckeye State.

The official launch date for sports betting in Ohio is set for Jan. 1, 2023. While there is still some time until that day, Ohioans can familiarize themselves with some of the biggest sportsbook brands expected to enter the market. FOX Bet is one of those big names.

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Legal sports betting has finally passed in the Ohio legislature, leading many sportsbook operators to begin pushes into this new sports betting market. Among those most likely to acquire early licensure is FOX Bet: a well-known sportsbook tied to the broader FOX Sports news network.

FOX Bet Sportsbook offers fantastic betting markets, ongoing promotions, and great betting odds, especially for American professional sports. It also offers live betting, a fun mobile app to check out, and some special promos and events that are sure to be favorites among Ohio FOX sports news fans.

Not sure whether this sportsbook will be worth your time and money? Let’s break down FOX Bet sportsbook in detail so you’re prepared if and when it launches in Ohio.


BetMGM Ohio Sportsbook Promo Code 2022

New users for FOX Bet will likely be able to enjoy the same opening bonus in Ohio as you can find in other states where FOX Bet is active: a $500 risk-free bet.

Terms & conditions apply.

FOX Bet Ohio Promo CodeClick To Claim
Risk-Free Bet$500 risk-free bet
What States Allow Fox Bet SportsbookCO, MI, NJ, PA
Fox Bet’s Land-Based PartnerTBA
Promo Code Verified ForNovember 2022

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Here’s how the opening bonus from FOX Bet works in other states. We expect it will be the same in Ohio if and when it launches here.

In a nutshell, you have to make an initial bet with odds of at least -200. If your wager is unlucky and you lose, you’ll be reimbursed for up to $500 of site credit. On the downside, you don’t get anything if your first wager is successful. But this is still a great safety cushion for new players who don’t want to lose too much cash up front.

The rebate bonus cash is subject to a 1x play-through requirement. In other words, you have to play through any site credit from FOX Bet at least once by wagering it once more before you can withdraw it as cash. If you get unlucky and lose the credit again, it’s gone forever.

Still, odds are you’ll be able to return at least some of your wagering cash to your bank account should you so choose. Alternatively, you can treat the risk-free bet bonus as a means to use your initial deposit twice at the very least.

The opening bonus isn’t everything that FOX Bet offers to its users. In fact, this mobile betting platform is well known for its ongoing promo opportunities, especially compared to other sportsbooks in the industry. Some of the most popular and common promotions include:

  • Thursday In-Play Bonuses, which apply whenever you get $20 on MLB games. You’ll get a free $10 live bet credit for future MLB wagers
  • Friday Happy Hour Promotions, which are limited-time super odds boosts that can seriously increase your potential for profit on certain betting lines
  • Saturday Super Boosts, which also give you the chance to profit majorly thanks to a boosted payout for the most important sporting action of that day
  • Monday Parlay Offers, such as making a $10 parlay bet and getting another free $10 bet credit for another parlay wager

As you can see, FOX Bet’s ongoing promotions heavily revolve around the day of the week and current sporting events. This is great for long-time sports betting fans since it means there’ll always be something relevant and interesting going on at this sports wagering platform.

Whether you like to play during the weekend or all throughout the week, FOX Bet is likely to have a good promotional opportunity or bonus offer to keep things interesting or direct your betting efforts.



Perhaps because of its connection to the FOX Sports network, FOX Bet’s mobile app in other states is well known for the high quality and competitiveness of its odds. We expect the same will be true if and when it launches in Ohio.

FOX Bet’s odds are usually posted very quickly (especially for professional American sporting events like football or baseball games) and they offer excellent opportunities for profit no matter which side of a wager you find yourself on.

These odds are adjustable, can be viewed in multiple formats, and are often subject to odds boosts as described above. In short, FOX Bet has some of the best odds in the industry and will serve excellently as a line shopping app if you like to compare the odds for a single betting line between multiple betting platforms.


Depth & Variety

By the same token, FOX Bet is well known for its high-quality market depth and variety, especially compared to other sportsbooks.

This is doubly true if you like to bet on American college and professional sports. You’ll be able to find betting markets for football (like the Super Bowl), baseball, basketball, PGA Tour events, NASCAR races, UFC fights, and anything else you can imagine.

Ohio residents may like to place bets on college sports given the recent legislation’s allowance for these wagers. We expect that FOX Bet will provide college betting markets for both college basketball and football games, although there may be fewer bets or limitations on betting lines that revolve around in-state teams or events.

Fortunately, you can bet that FOX Bet Ohio will have college sports betting markets up and running as soon as the app launches. Even better, FOX Bet’s mobile app interface makes it easy to check out trending or custom bets, so you can quickly jump into the action and make profits on the current hot market of the season.

Even in terms of international sports, FOX Bet should have plenty of market depth and variety to check out. Sports bettors will easily be able to wager on Australian rules football, soccer matches, Korean baseball, and other international markets.

FOX Bet doesn’t have betting markets for slightly more niche events, like sailing or fencing. But if you’re a fan of popular American hobby sports like darts or table tennis, you’ll find plenty of bets to keep you satisfied here.



Any good sportsbook needs to have quality deposit and withdrawal options, and FOX Bet is well known for its deposit flexibility. Ohio sports bettors will be able to deposit cash using methods like:

  • Credit and debit card transfers
  • E-check transfers
  • PayPal and Skrill transfers
  • PayNearMe terminal transactions
  • Casino cash cage deposits

You’ll likely find many of these methods also available when the time comes to withdraw your winnings. Luckily, FOX Bet prioritizes speedy online withdrawals and you should get your winnings within 24 hours of making a request (or even sooner).

Note, of course, that these cash-out options could be different by the time FOX Bet launches in Ohio. We also don’t know whether FOX Bet will have a retail casino partner in Ohio if it ever launches here. If it doesn’t, casino cash cage deposits and withdrawals will be off the table.


Mobile App

FOX Bet’s mobile app will have a familiar aesthetic and interface for any FOX Sports Network fans. Most popular sports events and bets can be accessed at the top of the screen, and your betting slip is very easy to call up at any point.

A dedicated promo tab will allow you to keep your eye on the ever-evolving promotions, especially those tied in with the FOX Sports news network. Overall, the mobile app is very easy to navigate through and doesn’t have any major technical hurdles to consider.

You’ll also notice that the FOX Bet mobile app allows you to break down different leagues’ or markets’ sports bets into different categories. For example, when you start to make a bet for baseball, you’ll find additional bet categories like bets on runs, innings, and so on.

Lastly, FOX Bet offers three different ways to contact customer support: live chat, a site help link, and a support form you can fill out if you have a more complex question. Ultimately, these methods are fairly limited, and other sportsbooks do a better job of providing rapid response and intelligent customer service when needed. Be prepared to spend some time solving a technical issue yourself if one ever crops up.


Overall Score

FOX Bet is a very quality sportsbook app, especially if your primary sports betting interests lie in betting on major American sporting events like NFL games or MLB games. It’s a little limited when it comes to niche sporting markets, such as for eSports or fencing, but that’s not a big deal considering that FOX Bet offers good promotional opportunities and a solid opening bonus for new account holders.

Customer support could use some work, but the app overall will likely be a favorite for many Ohio residents if it eventually comes to this state.


Absolutely. Why? FOX Bet Sportsbook is a legitimate organization because:

  • It’s run by the FOX Sports news network, which itself is a long-running and trustworthy organization
  • FOX Bet is already active in other American states, meaning it has been licensed and reviewed multiple times in the past
  • FOX Bet has a major reputation to protect, so the operator works hard to avoid scandals or problems with security
  • Speaking of security, FOX Bet has excellent digital security in the form of SSL certification and antivirus software
  • FOX Bet furthermore has ties to American professional sports leagues, which wouldn’t exist if it was an untrustworthy organization 


Illegal betting sites have several major problems, including:

  • Poor digital security, meaning that your funds and personal information are always at risk
  • Bad betting odds, so any betting action you do get is likely to be subpar
  • No accountability; if an illegal sportsbook steals your funds, there’s nothing you can do about it

In contrast, FOX Bet Ohio will have firewalls and SSL certification at a bare minimum. FOX Bet will also be heavily investigated and reviewed before it gets its license, meaning it will be checked thoroughly by at least one authoritative organization each year.

All in all, FOX Bet and all other legal sportsbooks will be much better picks than an illegal sports betting site. 


FOX Bet has a history of stellar success and smooth operation, especially in other states. Because of this, we expect that FOX Bet’s launch and operation in Ohio will be very smooth sailing, provided that it receives a license in the near future.

FOX Bet will also regularly update its security protocols and measures to ensure that cybercriminals are unable to affect the gaming enjoyment of its users.


How old do you have to be?21
What states is Fox Bet legal in?CO, MI, NJ, PA
Who is Fox Bet’s partner in Ohio?TBA
Launch date in OhioJanuary 1, 2023

FOX Bet Ohio Sportsbook FAQ

Is it legal to participate in sports betting with FOX Bet sportsbook in Ohio?

Not yet, as no sportsbooks are licensed in Ohio at this time.

How old do you need to be to enjoy sports betting at FOX Bet?

21 or older, which is the legal gambling age throughout Ohio.

How many different sports are available to bet on with FOX Bet?

FOX Bet offers dozens of different sports markets for its users to check out.

Is FOX Bet licensed in Ohio?

Not at this time, as there are no licensed sportsbooks in Ohio quite yet.

Do you need to be in Ohio when you place a sports wager with FOX Bet?

Yes, if and when FOX Bet is ever legalized and receives licensure for sports betting.

Is in-play betting available at FOX Bet sportsbook?

Yes, FOX Bet offers in-play betting to its users where it is currently legal.

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