What is a Teaser And How do You Place One in Ohio Sports Betting?

Ohio sports betting is fast-approaching. The first platforms are anticipated to go live on Jan. 1, 2023. 

When any new legal sports betting market launches, it brings a lot of jargon, terminology, and bet types with it. Ohio sports betting will be no different. If you’re preparing to place your bets in the Buckeye State, it helps to understand your options. Here, we’ll explain teasers, a special parlay that allows you to change the lines on two games, hopefully to your advantage. 

What Is A Teaser?

A teaser is a two-leg parlay that lets you adjust the point totals for each game contained within the bet. There are stipulations, though. Let’s look at a baseline bet to start with. 

  • Philadelphia Eagles -13 (-110) vs. Houston Texans
  • Indianapolis Colts +5.5 (-110) vs. New England Patriots
  • Combined odds (for a parlay): +264

For the sake of this example, let’s assume you want to combine the Eagles spread and Colts spread into a teaser. Perhaps you think the Eagles won’t be able to cover a 13-point spread and the Colts need some extra help beyond the nearly six points already given to them. 

In a teaser, you add points from the existing spreads to make them more likely to hit. The odds will change based on how much you “tease” your bets. In other words, you may not win as much, but you’ll be more likely to win with the altered spreads. Six-point teasers are the most common in NFL betting. Just like parlays, you have to hit both legs of your teaser in order to win your bet. If either leg of the teaser loses, you lose your bet.

In this example, let’s assume you want to give the Eagles and the Colts a touchdown’s worth of wiggle room. You could tease the parlay by six points, bringing the spreads to:

  • Eagles -7
  • Colts +11.5

Both of these are more likely to hit, so the combined odds of the teaser come down to -134.

Less Common Teaser Options

As we mentioned above, most NFL teasers sit in the six-point range. Other options do exist, though, such as three-point, seven-point, or 10-point teasers. 

You can also “tease down,” making it more difficult for teams to cover but amping up the odds on your bet. Those bets are called “pleasers.”

Most of these options are available at legal sportsbooks, but they aren’t used as frequently by experienced bettors due to the added risk.

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Stanford Wong Teaser

The Stanford Wong teaser is so named because Stanford Wong wrote about it in his book, Sharp Sports Betting. The strategy involves starting with a two-team teaser. The favorite should be -7.5 or -8.5, and the underdog should be +1.5 or +2.5. For example:

  • Cincinnati Bengals -8.5 (-110)
  • Seattle Seahawks +2.5 (-115)
  • Odds: +256

Then you can tease them by six points, becoming:

  • Cincinnati Bengals -2.5
  • Seattle Seahawks +8.5
  • Odds: -134

There’s a lot of math that went into Stanford Wong’s original calculations to recommend these bets. The short version is that the point values in a Stanford Wong teaser can offer a statistical advantage against a sportsbook’s predictions because in these cases you are teasing past two key numbers (3 and 7). That’s a big advantage for a bettor.

No bet is ever guaranteed, but Stanford Wong teasers can be a nice way to give yourself an edge. When Ohio sports betting is live, you can place Stanford Wong teasers or teasers of your own design.

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How To Place A Teaser Bet In Ohio

Teasers will be available in Ohio as soon as sportsbooks launch in the state. Each platform might have a slightly different process to place a teaser, but here’s a general guide to how you can place one. 

First, find the games you’d like to bet on. Football and basketball are two of the best sports for teaser bets. You can navigate to either sport using a sportsbook’s menu options. 

Next, add the bets you’d like to include in your teaser into your betslip by clicking or tapping on them. Once they’re in your betslip, head there and look for the “teasers” option. Not all bets are eligible to be included in teasers, so try a few if you don’t see the option pop up. 

When you’re in the teaser menu, you can toggle the amount you wish to tease your bets by. The odds will update in real-time as you do this, so you can see how your potential payout will change. 

Happy with the teased lines? Ready to place your bet? Go ahead and do it! Overall, the process is pretty simple. If you have trouble or encounter any roadblocks, you can get in touch with the sportsbook’s customer service team. 

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